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Delivery Watch Setup Wizard
Our intuitive, yet easy to manage setup wizard guides you through 3 steps to set up your account.
  1. Spam Filter Test
    What is Spam Filter Test? A testing tool for you to check whether your email may be blocked by spam filters in use by corporations and private users and why, enabling you to make vital changes prior to sending your campaign.
  2. ISP Delivery Tracking
    What is ISP Delivery Tracking? A monitoring service for you to find out if your campaigns or automatic service mails are being blocked by major ISPs and Webmail providers. At this step you will select your region that you like to monitor, as well as downloading your personal seed list with all providers, matching your criteria's.
  3. Monitoring Tools
    Use our automated email server detection function! All you have to do is to send one email to a unique email address in order to identify your email server.
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