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There are questions that pop up more often then others and that most users will face at some point.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section aims to address these questions, providing you with quick access to the answers you need the most.
What is Delivery Watch?
The company's mission is to meet the growing challenges of email deliverability and email client compatibility by providing a suite of tools that helps you to substantially improve your email delivery results.

Delivery Watch is an on-demand application that every email marketer should use for determining the deliverability of their email campaigns.
Quick Facts
  • Company established in 2000
  • Over 40 ISPs world-wide
  • Ongoing blacklist monitoring of your mail servers
  • Application available in English and German
  • 8 Spam Filters you can run your campaign against
  • 14 real-time analytical reports
For a detailed description of our on-demand application take our Application Tour.
ISP Delivery Tracking
ISP Delivery Tracking
Spam Filter Tests
Spam Filter Tests
Blacklist Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does it take to set up my account?

    We offer instant account creation. It is a matter of a few minutes until you can start using Delivery Watch for optimizing your email campaigns. After your sign up you will receive a welcome email and the login information for your account. Your account is fully functional after the first log in.
  2. How does Delivery Watch track and measure my email campaigns?

    Once you have signed up with Delivery Watch we will provide you with our email seed list. The seed list contains all email addresses of over 40 internet service providers worldwide.

    1. Integrate our seed list with your own mailing list.
    2. Launch your email campaign.
    3. Our application automatically logs into all email accounts we maintain with each ISP and checks whether your campaign arrived in the inbox, the spam folder or is missing entirely and most likely blocked.
    4. The results are being displayed in real-time in your Delivery Watch account.
  3. What is the pricing of Delivery Watch services

    Whether you are new to the subject of email deliverability or a corporation with very clear and high demands, Delivery Watch has the right solution for you. Details can be found on our product overview page.

    Should you require a customized package for higher demands, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  4. Does Delivery Watch offer a partner program?

    Yes. We are running our affiliate program through Commission Junction. You can sign up for our affiliate program directly at Commission Junction's website. If you need personal assistance, feel free to contact our affiliate department at
  5. Where can I find Delivery Watch documentation?

    All support documents of Delivery Watch and other useful material can be obtained from our support page. We offer an online documentation as well as video tutorials that guide you through all possible processes in our tool. If you need additional help, feel free to contact us.
  6. What is a seed list?

    The seed list is the core of our service and business. It is a list of email addresses for tracking deliverability at internet service providers. We currently maintain multiple such email accounts at 40+ ISPs worldwide. Our application automatically checks for new messages in those accounts and delivers the results to your account.
  7. Does Delivery Watch offer a free trial?

    We offer a one-time 15-day free trial to anyone who would like to try our service. You can sign up at any time for the free trial on our products page.
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